7th IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Reforming the Police in Southeast Asia: What Role for Parliaments?

Start: 13 Nov 2009

End: 14 Nov 2009

Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

Building on the 6th IPF-SSG workshop, which addressed issues of police governance in Southeast Asia, this workshop explored opportunities and constraints of police reform and the potential role of parliaments in this context. Acknowledging that each police reform activity needs to be situated in its own (national) context, the workshop aimed at gaining a better understanding of the wider context, different approaches, dimensions and strategies of police reform in general and to learn from both successful and failed attempts of reforming police services in Southeast Asia. The second day focused on the role of private security actors and on the importance of security sector governance for peace processes, with an emphasis on the situation in the Southern part of the Philippines. 

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Workshop Report, Programme and List of Participants