Past Events

Since 2006, the IPF-SSG in Southeast Asia has held workshops across the region on a wide range of topics related to enhancing the role of Southeast Asian parliaments in security sector governance. More detailed information on each workshop, such as a short workshop summary, the workshop programme, list of participants, workshop presentations and the workshop report, can be found under each event. Case studies and special issues published in the realm of IPF-SSG workshops can be found under the publications.

9th IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Justice Reform in Southeast Asian Countries: What Role for Parliaments?

Start: 17 Sep 2011

End: 18 Sep 2011

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The 9th IPF-SSG workshop examined the current state of justice reform in Southeast Asia and explored how parliaments can contribute to the reform processes in their own countries. It aimed at sharing good practices of various...Read More

8th IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Towards an ASEAN Political-Security Community: What Role for parliaments?

Start: 19 Jun 2010

End: 20 Jun 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia

This workshop focused on the regional dimension of security sector governance. It explored the progress made towards the creation of the ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), the relevance of the APSC for security sector...Read More

7th IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Reforming the Police in Southeast Asia: What Role for Parliaments?

Start: 13 Nov 2009

End: 14 Nov 2009

Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

Building on the 6th IPF-SSG workshop, which addressed issues of police governance in Southeast Asia, this workshop explored opportunities and constraints of police reform and the potential role of parliaments in this context....Read More

6th IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Police Governance in Southeast Asia: What Role for Parliaments?

Start: 29 May 2009

End: 30 May 2009

Sabah, Malaysia

This workshop addresses the issue of police governance in Southeast Asia. For the purposes of this workshop, the term “police governance” referred to the direction, control and oversight of the policy (including c...Read More

5th IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Defence Procurement in Southeast Asia: Parliamentary Perspectives

Start: 12 Oct 2008

End: 13 Oct 2008

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The topic of this workshop was the role of parliaments in defence procurement. Defence procurement is the process by which national defence authorities acquire the equipment and services necessary to fulfill their mission. Pa...Read More