Past Events

Since 2006, the IPF-SSG in Southeast Asia has held workshops across the region on a wide range of topics related to enhancing the role of Southeast Asian parliaments in security sector governance. More detailed information on each workshop, such as a short workshop summary, the workshop programme, list of participants, workshop presentations and the workshop report, can be found under each event. Case studies and special issues published in the realm of IPF-SSG workshops can be found under the publications.

4th IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Defence Budgeting in ASEAN Member States: Parliamentary Perspectives

Start: 23 May 2008

End: 24 May 2008

Phuket, Thailand

The topic of this workshop was the role of parliaments in defence budgeting. Parliamentary involvement in defence budgeting is one of the most important functions for ensuring that governments are accountable for defence and ...Read More

Expert Workshop

Topic: The Role of Parliament in National Security Policy and Defence Budgeting in ASEAN Member States

Start: 22 May 2008

End: 22 May 2008

Phuket, Thailand

The objective of the expert workshop was to discuss and review papers on the role of parliament in national security policy formulation and review and in defence budgeting in Southeast Asia. This expert workshop fulfilled a s...Read More

3rd IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: National Security Policy Reviews in ASEAN Member States: A Parliamentary Perspective

Start: 23 Nov 2007

End: 25 Nov 2007

Bali, Indonesia

As a follow-up to the 2nd IPF-SSG workshop on “Strengthening the Role of ASEAN Parliaments in Security Policy Reviews”, this workshop provided an overview of the state of affairs concerning national security polic...Read More

2nd IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Strengthening the Role of ASEAN Parliaments in Security Policy Reviews

Start: 10 Mar 2007

End: 11 Mar 2007

Manila, Philippines

Security policy review is an important element of security sector governance because it sets the parameters for the provision of security to the state and its people. This workshop explored the concept and practice of nationa...Read More

1st IPF-SSG Workshop

Topic: Parliamentary Accountability and Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia

Start: 07 Feb 2006

End: 10 Feb 2006

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The plurality and diversity of Asia provides opportunities as well as challenges when considering the issue of parliamentary accountability and security sector governance. This workshop enabled the presentation of particular ...Read More